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Monday, 14 October 2013


Yes, the "Experiencing China" group have taken their lessons seriously. Bryan Isles, the tutor of the "Experiencing China" class  has taken his students to China for a hands on lesson.

This is how Bryan describes the trip:

The intent of the trip rose from a conversation I had in Nanjing several years ago about forming a partnership between U3A Brisbane and U3A Nanjing.  Incidentally China call its organisation “University for the Elderly”.  While in Nanjing our group will mix with the members from Nanjing and also get the opportunity to study Chinese Art, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Embroidery, Tai Chi etc.

So I worked through a travel group in Nanjing that is operated by a former student who completed her TAFE diploma in Brisbane then studied her degree and Masters at QUT.

This group will spend time visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites along the Yangtze River Delta region, spend 2 days at U3A in Nanjing as well as visit several sites including the Sin Yat Sen’s Mausoleum, the memorial for the Japanese invasion and Confucius Temple. 

We the  go inland toward the famous Yellow Mountain Scenic Park but do not have time to visit the mountain but instead will visit 2 ancient cities in the region. Then it is onto Hangzhou for a couple of days before returning to Shanghai.

Josie, one of the students has sent a photo of when they arrived in Shanghai.

Bryan tutoring in class before the trip.