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Monday, 31 March 2014


The Creative Art Group meets on Thursdays between 10 AM and 1 PM at the Logan Art Gallery. They sometimes have guest artists who show them how they work.

We looked in on them recently where Ebru artist Serap Siper demonstrated her skills in Ebru Art.

Ebru has long been the name given to the authentic Turkish art of paper marbling. From a layman's way of observing and for those not familiar with the art. There is a tray of heavy water onto which colour dyes are added. The dyes stay on top of the water. A sheet of paper is then placed on top and the dyes stick to the paper. The paper is then gently removed and a piece of art is revealed.

Serap demonstrates the technique of Ebru Art 

Then it was time for group members to try their hands at it. Josie is placing the dyes onto the water using brushes. The dyes are then swirled around to make patterns.
Josie drops dyes onto the water

Serat then places a clean sheet of paper onto the dye-loaded tray

Josie removes the paper to reveal her artwork

Jan shows off her creation   (Photo Josie Wong)

Ellane with her artwork    (Photo Josie Wong)

If you're interested in joining this very exciting group, please contact the coordinator of the group, Jean Townsend on Ph 3801 1949 or Email: