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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Creative Art Workshops in May at the Logan Art Gallery

Everyone is invited to the U3A Creative Art Workshops and Demonstrations at the Logan Art Gallery Workshop, Wembley Rd, Logan Central

Paper stories:

22nd May  Personal imagery in cloth paper, collage and print

Workshop with artist/educator Sandy Johnson

Here are some examples of her work currently on show at the gallery:

22 May, 10am to 1pm
CONTENT:  Join local artist and educator Sandy Johnson for this practical workshop in personal imagery through print, stencil and collage. Sandy is one of three exhibiting artists who investigate the links between the past and the present, the personal and the universal though drawing, assemblage, collage and artists books.

Participants will work with printed papers, paint, inks and collage to create final layered collage artworks.  They will create designs from happenstance doodles etc, then use these to make prints & stencil motifs, together with the application of personal ephemera (objects of personal significance such as letters, poems, stamps, found objects, photos, lace, and so on) to create a cloth paper collage.

Sandy will demonstrate the process for making  cloth paper and students will then have the opportunity to use their prints, stencils and brought ephemera to produce their own cloth paper collage.  Participants may need to complete their artworks at home.

WHAT TO BRING:  Paper ephemera: letters, old drawings, stamps, special papers, text, poems etc (objects of personal interest to add to your artworks).  Other materials will be provided free of charge,   

Starting to paint with Acrylics
Workshop with local artist Diane Deshong

Date: Thursday 29th May, 10.00 am - 1.00 pm

Want to learn a new hobby or enhance your knowledge of the absolute basics?
We hope this workshop will appeal to members who have never painted before as well as those who would like to have advice on the basics from a semi-professional who really knows her stuff.   Please tell your friends that all are welcome, and this is a good chance to look at the possibility of starting a new and exciting hobby.
Students quality materials will be provided free of charge, except for canvases ($5) and acrylic paper (about $1)