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Wednesday, 7 May 2014


On the last Saturday of April we held a Book Sale at Logan Central Library’s Book Shop. We had many volunteers to help and lots of customers. Books , DVD’s, CD’s and puzzles were priced by the Library . Prices ranged from 50c to $2. We made over $250.
We used some of this money to pay for printing and laminating photos to make posters for a display we made at the Loganholme Library for the month of May. Jean Townsend booked the Library display cabinet and Kathy Roman, Diane and Bill Bohlen put the display together. Hopefully this will spread the word about what U3A has to offer.
The U3A Logan District display at Loganholme Library
 The Creative Art Group had a wonderful ‘hands on’ workshop. Turkish Artist Serap Siper demonstrated and instructed Ebru Art, the name given to authentic Turkish art of marbling using special Turkish dyes and brushes. U3A group members had fun creating their own pieces of art. More members are welcome to join the weekly art sessions run by Jean Townsend at the Logan Art Gallery every Thursday 10:00am to 1:00pm.
The next workshop will be on 22 May. Local artist and educator, Sandy Johnson, is providing a practical workshop especially for U3A in personal imagery through print, stencil and collage. Sandy is one of three exhibiting artists in Paper Stories, an exhibition by three local women artists who investigate the links between past and present, personal and universal stories and memories, expressing them though drawing, assemblage, collage and artists books. Learn how to create cloth paper. Create designs from happenstance doodles etc. Use these to make prints & stencil motifs, together with the personal ephemera to create a cloth paper collage. More members are welcome call Jean Townsend 3801 1949

 U3A lunches are continuing to be enjoyed by participants. We had two new members last month and we had an enjoyable time at Springwood Tower bistro where Kathy made us very much at home. Everyone is welcome to come for some good food and robust conversation.
              Lunches are held on the second Tuesday of the month 12:00pm
              Judy George (
Kevin Ross is proud of his Ukulele  “Beginners Class” singing their graduation song.  Kevin says, ” They are really good.”  

The Camera Club went for a photographic shoot to GoMA  during term break. They had fun taking photos of Cai Guo-Qiang  “Falling Back to Earth” installations. Afterwards they enjoyed lunch together at the GoMA café.

We should all be proud of U3A members Rosalind Dyer and Rod Holmes who entered the Logan Gems Photography competition. Rosalind won the Action and Adventure category and Rod was a finalist for the Nature and Wildlife category.

Our committee was meeting in our new classroom at John Paul College on the 7th of May. After agenda items were discussed we then met members of the new Brisbane U3A committee who were visiting us. JPC was providing afternoon tea for us.