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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Monika Picton, the energetic member of the local committee and of Tony's Painting for Pleasure group, has organised an art exhibition  from1st May to 30th June at Sunnybank Hills Library, Cnr Compton and Calem Roads.  


Logan Community Centre hall (where we had that great Christmas party) has been booked for Tuesday 7th July, 9 to 12 (for 9.30 start).  There will be tables for teams of up to 8 players, and all classes are invited to enter as many teams as they can drum up.  Classes can combine with other classes if they wish which would be a good way to make more friends within U3A. Email or phone me on 0400 747298 if you haven't enough students to make up a team and I'll coordinate contact between classes. Please encourage your students to join in as this should be a lot of fun.  Contact Janet or Trevor at to book, or just reply to this and I'll forward your response.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

P14 Movie Making Class

The Movie Making class has moved to new premises. This 5-week course is held again in Term 2. The students learn how to plan, shoot, edit and add titles and soundtracks to videos. Then the students produce a class video which is uploaded onto the Movie Making Class You Tube channel.

Check out the video the last class produced in Term 1 below.

Students learn filming techniques

They learn how to handle equipment

The newly created Movie Making class room

Next week they go on a film shoot and the following two weeks, they'll engage in post production techniques using video editing software. In the final week, the new class video will be posted on their You Tube channel.

For further information, please contact the tutor, Bill Bohlen